Paystack partners with DIY Law to make company incorporation fast, easy, and affordable

Following an official release on her website, Paystack resolved to partner with DIY Law to grow her recently launched Merchant tier for businesses.

Emmanuel Quartey, Head of Growth, Paystack explained that "Paystack Starter Businesses", a merchant tier for businesses who would like to validate their ideas with real customers, without needing a corporate bank account or company registration would best be associated with DIY Law to make company incorporation fast, easy and affordable.

According to the release via Paystack's website, While Paystack Starter Businesses enjoy almost all the same benefits as Registered Businesses, they don’t have access to the Paystack Transfers feature. Starter Businesses also have a 2 million Naira collections limit. To remove these limits, Starter Business merchants will need to submit additional documents, including company registration documentation, and this is where DIY Law comes in.

This partnership between Paystack and legal startup DIY Law will enable Paystack merchants enjoy a discount towards the cost of completing their company registration process with DIY Law.

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