Marriage is an institution ordained by God. It is the only institution that commences  with a certificate. According to the design of the great master planner, marriage is to be a union between  the male and  female  adult  for communion, cohabitation   and  continuity of humanity. 

Adam wouldn't  have been survived by Cain and Abel  if Eve was not taken from Adam's ribs. This is not to say that the sole existence  of a woman is to reproduce  but  primordial to her existence.
The relationship  between Adam and Eve depicts the first  Marriage  ever in the history  of mankind.
Have you ever wondered  how old was  Adam when he was created. Do you know the exact age of Eve when she was created? The exact  age wasn't recorded but inference  and logical deductions  showed they were created as adults.
Meaning  they were set of people  who never went through the process of childhood and teenage years.

The concept of marriage ever since  had been a union celebrated  and enjoyed universally. Irrespective of the religion, culture, tribe, race and crime the the idea of marriage is not alien to humanity. There  could be sort of variations in  celebration  of marriage across tribes and races but it has a universal  scope all over the world.

As provided by the biblical  jurisprudence particularly  in  Genesis 2:24 "a man shall leave his wife and cleave  to his wife and the two shall become  one flesh."
The celebration  of a marriage  heralds the inauguration  of a new home. A home which only comprise of the new spouses and by  order  of nature, offspring are expected to come by and increase  the density of the home. 

The number  of the offspring to bare hinges on the interest of the couple. Interest which may be formed by economic  realities, sociological belief, religious  disposition and family pattern.
No matter  what, the birth of a child(ren) is an addition  to the family and as such brings a new tide to the family.

This new  tide  brings us to the focus of this discourse. Marriage metamorphosed to family. Family  is a constituent  of the larger society.In a general parlance ,  a family  is an agglutination  of people  who are related by blood.  We could have a nuclear family  which  usually  comprised of the father, mother (s) and their  children and also  an extended  family of father, mother (s),children, uncle, aunt,nephew,  nieces  and other members  of the extended  family.

The family density  in typical African  society is much more congested  compared to the western world where family planning  is rife.

The nature and structure  of family is a similitude of the political sphere  in larger society.The family ought to operate in the light of basic  administrative dint. 
These are necessities  which ordinarily ought to ensue wherever there is human relations. Saddening  enough,people  peg  reasons why  families  break away in the contemporary  times on  moral standards and individual  idiosyncrasies.

Spiritualization cum over-domestication in administration  of marriage has hindered the realisation of management  science upon which administration  of marriage  ought  to be leveraged on.
Except  provided  by other schools  of thoughts  or religious  beliefs, the husband  is the arrowhead of a family.
He's  the chief commander  of the territory. His family members are his subject. He owes them the duty of care and protection  just like the President of any clime does.
He has his wife (s) as deputy or vice who steps in whenever  he is not available or incapacitated.
It is then expected  that the  "head of state" of the family exhibits basic  administrative  traits to effectively  govern his political space.

The head of a family should be a human resource  manager. One  who is ingenious enough to  aggregate idiosyncrasies to achieve tranquillity in his domestic territory.
Managing  the relationship  between in-laws in a family setting is a similitude  of international relations among countries.

The political  setting  of a family  is not to be a military system where  the man rules as the superior dictator and it was never expressly  stated in any extant law to be  a democracy where general election is held to decide  who  oversees the family.
But it is to be an egalitarian system where everyone  has rights and obligations that accrue to them by the  virtue of their membership.
Needful is a great level of diplomacy to align the incongruous interests of the two  extended families without any claim of nepotism  and favouritism.
If human resource  management  could be valued as much as moral standards  are apotheosized in the running of family affairs , maybe the mushrooming number of broken homes would emasculate drastically. 

It would be expected that family  being a make up of people  related by blood should operate in a way akin to a one party system.In reality there exist factions  and opposition  camps  in families. Just like the biblical  story of Esau and Jacob.

This is not because they are abnormal, it is rather  because there had been some illogicality along the line.A modicum of laxity in the leadership  system  gives room for partitioning  and thus members seek confidence  in subsets  and faction leaders. It then becomes the case of two masters in the boat.
The conflict resolution syndrome  is a major administrative  nugget necessary  for smooth running  of a family  life.

Only if conflicts  are better resolved  at the initial  stage, they wouldn't  escalate to major face off.
A deliberate  appeal would be that those who have taken it as a course to counsel  budding husbands and wife  should  add a stint of human resource  management  and conflict  resolution  as prerequisites to their guidance  and counseling curriculum. 

This element would assist  rather  than leaving  their  fate to the   probabilistic  of   moral judgment and religious  principles which may be subjective.

Adeyeye  Eyitayo is a PR enthusiast and budding lawyer. He sends in his submissions as a guest author.