A Complete Guide on Call to Bar Screening for Nigerian Law School Graduates 2024

This is a complete guide

1. Make Payments

In the first place you need to locate a nearby Zenith Bank Branch to get a deposit slip and fill it. While filling it, take note the following details of the account you’re paying into


Account number: 1015715697

Bank name: ZENITH BANK

Ensure that you duly complete your teller, make the N40,000 payment and keep your bank teller.

2. Make Photocopies

You are advised to make multiple copies of the following:
  • Bank teller (1 copy). The original copy will be collected at the Benchers Office.
  • Law School ID Card (4 copies)
  • LLB certificate original (4 copies)
  • Print out your Law School result from the NLS page and make 3 copies. You may choose to make more copies for your own personal records.

3. Submit Your Documents 

  • Go to the NLS Abuja Campus. You will need to show your NLS ID card at the gate. Head to the Benchers Office (it is the building opposite the Auditorium). 
  • At the Benchers Office, present the following:
    • Original bank teller receipt and 1 photocopy.
    • Print-out of your result from the NLS page and 1 photocopy.
    • NLS original ID card and 1 photocopy.

The above documents will be collected from you and a Body of Benchers receipt will be issue to you with two Call to Bar Invitation Cards.

  • Make a photocopy of the Benchers receipt. It will be needed for the next stage*. 

*STEP 4:

Go to the Admissions Building. It is the building opposite the Students Affairs building.

Arrange the documents below with the *original copy and photocopy*:

1.) Body of Benchers receipt

2.) Law school ID card

3.) LLB certificate

4.) Print-out of your result from the NLS page.

A Verification Clearance will be attached to your documents and all your original documents will be returned to you.


Proceed to the Dinning Hall. Once you get there, head to the board where papers are posted.

Check for your name and the table you fall under. Ask the security for the location of your table.

Present the Verification Clearance issued to you at the Admissions Building to the person in charge of that table and you will be handed your Qualifying Certificate and Testimonial. Then you will be given a book to sign with your name.

  • After this, go to the Supreme Court.
  • DO NOT fill the Testimonial before you arrive at the Supreme Court especially if you don't have any one to guide you. 
  • When filling the Testimonial, write your name in the same order it is shown on your Certificate, but for the stamp your surname is put first. It will be stamped and you'll be asked to pay N50 for your Oath and your name will be enrolled in a “giant book”. Then you'll be directed to a person who will explain to you the next process and please pay close attention to what they say that is, the summary of what they said: for enrollment in the Supreme Court (apparently, there's a different enrollment).

It may be necessary to carry all these documents below back to the Supreme Court immediatly after   the Call to Bar ceremony.

  • Pay your Practicing Fee (N5,000) at Access Bank. Keep the teller and bring it back to the Supreme Court after the Call to Bar. 
  • Photocopy your Qualifying Certificate. Bring it back to Supreme Court after Call To Bar.
  • Another Certificate will be given called Call to Bar Certificate. Bring it to the Supreme Court after the Call To Bar.
  • Bring a passport photograph.



After the Call to Bar, don't go home immediately. You’ll need to return to the Supreme Court with all the above documents to enable you apply for your enrollment number. Also, you don't need to pay your Practicing Fee immediately, but you will need to pay before your Call date.

  • Go back to the NLS Abuja Campus. Photocopy your Testimonial and Qualifying Certificate (2 copies of each).
  • Head to the back of the Student Affairs building. Hand over the following documents:
    • Original Testimonial
    • Original Call to Bar certificate and copy of
    • LLB certificate.

This information was last updated in November 2022 and there might be slight changes to the details presented. We would try to update this article with relevant information per time.

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