Biography of Dr Reginald Aziza

Born on 2nd December, 1991, Meet Dr Reginald Aziza, From 3 First Class Degrees at 22 to Doctor of Philosophy in Law from Oxford University

Full Biography of Dr Reginald Aziza

Dr Reginald Aziza bagged three first class degrees before he turned 22 years old. He took and passed his Junior School Certificate Examination (JSCE) at the age of 12. He decided to study law as a way of rebelling against his father’s plan of making him study to be a neurosurgeon.

He gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) to study law at 15 years old, graduating as the best graduating law student from the Faculty of Law. His second degree was from the Nigerian Law School. He then secured a scholarship to attend Cambridge University where he graduated from with a Master of Corporate Law (MCL first class).

On Friday, 1st October, 2021 Aziza graduated from Oxford University and was conferred as Doctor of Philosophy in Law.

The DPhil was the product of over 3 years of relentless work, achieved with the guidance and support of an army of mentors, sponsors, teachers, friends, family, and an excellent supervisor.

Dr. Reginald Aziza was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2013. He currently works as an Attorney at Chevron Nigeria Limited and has been for the past 3 years. Aziza runs a scholarship scheme called the Reginald Aziza Leadership in Law Scholarship Award to reward and support exceptional students.

Biography of Dr Reginald Aziza is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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