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Nelson Vincent Ayomitunde

Traditions and Principles of Crime Punishment in Yoruba Land

Ise Agbe nise ile wa ENI KO SISE A MAA JALE Iwe kiko laisi oko ati ada ko ipe o ko ipe o! Translation: (farming is the occupation of o…

The Meaning, Evolution and Essence of Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is a contract of hire which is paid for by installment after which the hirer may become the owner of the goods if he completes payment …

Nigeria's historical need: Constitutional Amendment or Replacement?

After being willed into existence from Lord Lugard and Miss Shaw's colonial laboratory of artificial insemination, Nigeria has battled issues…

The Concept of Judges Rule in Nigeria

In the early 19th Century, there were cases where the police “obtained” statements from suspects by force while the judicial authority was strong for…

The Sources of Law in Nigeria

The body of Nigerian law is traced to many sources. They include English Law Nigerian Legislation Case Law Customary Law International Law   1. Engli…

The Principle of Uberrima fides

Uberrima fides is a legal principle that originated in English law and has since been adopted in Nigerian law. It is a Latin phrase that mean…

Ex parte

Ex parte  in Latin literally means 'On one side only', that is Done by, for, or on the application of one party alone.  It is a Latin…

Why Do Lawyers Speak Legalese or Legal Jargons?

Legalese is a technical form of writing often used by lawyers and members of the legal community to discuss legal definitions, terms, laws, and contr…
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