An exclusive interview with S.O OLADEJO ESQ
(Director of Litigation 2017/2018 Academic Session)
Founder, AlwaysForNature

Interviewer: Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

Shukurat: My name is Shukurat Oyindamola Oladejo. I am a legal practitioner called to the Nigerian bar in December 2022.

I obtained my LLB degree from the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University where I made a first class. 

As an undergraduate i participated in different extra curricular activities including but not limited to the Moot and Mock Society, the International Law Students Association, the Maritime Law Students Society and the Radiant Justice Chambers.

In addition to my first class degree, i also won awards for Commercial Law and Law of Business Associations.

I am the Founder of AlwaysForNature, an environmental awareness project. 

At the Nigerian Law School, I stood out at the December Call to Bar Ceremony where i was in the top 2% graduating with a First Class.

In my spare time i involve herself in volunteering, enjoying nature, seeing movies and reading.

Interviewer: When did you join the Chamber?

Shukurat: I joined the Chambers in my second year in school

Interviewer: Why did you decide to join Justice Chambers?

Shukurat: I was looking for an opportunity to learn more about the practical aspect of the law outside of the Moot and Mock Soceity. Justice Chambers professed to do that.
Further, as an introverted person, I needed an opportunity to relate with legal minds while also be able to improve my social skills. I believed that making myself a part of such organization would afford me the opportunity.

Interviewer: What are the things you gained from Justice Chambers?

Shukurat: I think the right question is what didn’t I gain? As I have stated above, I had expectations and Justice Chambers represented to be able to fulfil them. I can boldly say that all my expectations were met, and more were provided. 

Interviewer: What influenced your decision to become the DOL?

Shukurat: I wanted to give back the same way others had done to me. The previous DOL prior to myself specifically paid me much attention and I was able to learn a lot from him. This amounted to much admiration for himself as well as the role.

Interviewer: Before your appointment as the DOL, which other positions did you hold in the Chamber?

Shukurat: I did not hold any executive position. However, I was a member of several volunteer positions

Interviewer: What major lessons did you learn during your tenure as the DOL?

-People management
-Team work/team management 
Shukurat: I wish I had joined the Red Cross Society much earlier 

Shukurat: Excellence is always the goal. When you find yourself in unsavory positions sometimes, still aim for excellence.

Interviewer: Which law school did you go to?

Shukurat: The Nigerian Law School, Lagos Campus

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