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Dolapo Ogunlade

5 Reasons Why You Should Take up Pro Bono Cases as a Lawyer

Pro bono was created from a Latin word called pro bono publico, which means for the public good. Recently, pro bono publico has become popularly know…

Difference Between Sale of Goods and Other Aspects of Law

The sale of goods is an aspect of business law that's guided by the sale of goods act.The Sale of Goods Act of 1893 is the regulation that protec…

The Differences Between Possession and Ownership in Nigerian Land Law

Possession and ownership are two different keys that can open the same door. Possession and ownership are regarded as same in normal parlance, as it …

Child Advocacy: Legal Protection from Infections and Diseases

The Black's Law Dictionary defines a child as person under the age of majority. The labour Act as well describes a child  as a young person under…

5 Tips to Building a Happy Legal Career

A happy legal career means that you get the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment in your day-to-day affairs as a legal practitioner. Happiness, th…

5 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer To Draft A Website Policy

A Website policy is required in running a website, as it confers an effective and legal backing to the website. It gives customers a sense of fulfill…
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