5 Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer To Draft A Website Policy

A Website policy is required in running a website, as it confers an effective and legal backing to the website. It gives customers a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction as it enables them know why their personal data are required, collected and manipulated. The law in some countries requires every website to have a website policy. The type of activities associated to a website determines which policies to use and what each policy address. Examples of some website policies include Privacy policy, Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer Policy, Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, Comment Policy and Copyright Notice.

Ordinarily, you don’t need a lawyer to write your website policy because there are enough resources, information, and templates online that will provide instructions on how to draft a website policy that can satisfy your needs. However, while drafting a website policy, questions arises like what your needs are, what interests are specific to your business, how to protect these interests and how to protect yourself personally. As stated earlier, having a lawyer draft your website policy isn’t obligatory. Hence, if you feel the need to draft your website policy personally, then the rest of this article won’t be necessary. However, reading through might be beneficial on the long run.

There are five major reasons why a lawyer is required to draft your website. Those reasons are explained in subsequent paragraphs.

1. The website policy must be particular to your business. 

A lawyer will have to draft these policies to protect your business at the present stage as well as  look into the future stage as it develops. This provides you with time to focus on the growth of your business.

2. You Get a Concise Policy on the use of Visitor Data

Having a lawyer write your website policy, is the most suitable thing to do. In view of the fact that,  as your business grows, large tons of  personal data of users is collected on your website. The rule is that the more the personal data you collect, the more complex your website Policy will become. As you'll need to disclose each piece of data collected, along with how data is extracted, and also how the data extracted are manipulated.

3. Compliance with International Laws

As long as international users makes use of your website, it’s appropriate to make use of a lawyer to draft your website policy as law in some countries are considered strict. Bearing in mind the fact that your business is international, having a lawyer write your website Policy will ensure you cover all bases and comply with all applicable laws.

4. Limitations on Liability and Related Clauses

The services of a lawyer should be engaged in drafting a website policy due to the fact that, it contains limitations on liability for website owners and clauses, providing for certain dispute resolution procedures which includes litigation, arbitration or mediation as well as the location for bringing claims.

5. To Improve the Value of Your Website

The significance of website policy is undervalued and that is why almost anyone can draft it today. However, successful online websites and businesses understand the importance of hiring a lawyer to draft a website policy. As it guarantees you, your business and your website are protected from threats through a personalized terms and conditions. Where your website anchors large amounts of user content, the clauses regarding spamming and doxxing must be detailed to avoid liability and legal disputes arising. A lawyer may also require a coordinator available to do away with slanderous statements and prohibit users that defame or breach the privacy of other users on-site.

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